Evangelisation & Discipleship Resources

Making Disciples: Resources for Growing Your Church

I’ve come across some excellent resources for parishes interested in evangelisation (which should be every parish of course!) at the following web page:


There are reviews, reflections & links all for the purpose of leading the missionary parish through some of the excellent resources that are out there. Revd Dr Gareth Leyshon, Chair of the Evangelisation Group of the Archdiocese of Cardiff helpfully frames them within the ‘5 Thresholds’ offered in the Forming Intentional Disciples book.

The large amount of content there affirms the need for all Catholics to see themselves as missionary disciples and, as we evangelise, to make sure that we are making disciples as we are commanded by our Lord. It is disciples who evangelise (ie make other disciples).

If we do not seek to know Christ, if we do not strain to follow him every day, if we do not commit ourselves to prayer in order to maintain that close relationship, if we do not reach out in service of our fellow humans, if we are not striving to grow in our understating of Christ through Word and Sacrament, how can we share him with others in ways that will last?


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