New Evangelisation Podcast: Fieldworker’s Field Trip

Fieldworker’s Field Trip:

As the Evangelisation Fieldworker for the Birmingham Archdiocese, my work has taken me to different places and parishes, to assist priests and lay people in order to help them grow the mission of evangelisation. When I initially turned up on parish doorsteps, I met many people who were eager to respond to the call to evangelise.

Pope Francis’ encyclical Evangelii Gaudium had already inspired initiatives like Proclaim ‘15, a national conference for evangelisation here in Birmingham, and he provided concepts that people could get their teeth into, such as ‘missionary parishes’ and ‘missionary disciples’. Individuals and groups were also being energised to take evangelisation more seriously at parish level.

Therefore, I have been privileged to observe what parishes are doing and to learn from them (see below) – indeed, there are many priests and people with the vision to do new things and I hope that I’ve been able to assist them in turning those visions into reality.

It’s also been true to say that there can exist a frustration, where we don’t always know what to do about evangelisation. It’s not always an easy thing to communicate, especially where a ‘culture of mission’ doesn’t exist. And if evangelisation does come up in conversation, we are not sure of the best tools to use, or we find ourselves alone in trying new things. Thinking of those places, I wanted to give some concrete examples of missionary initiatives that parishes can learn from and apply to their own place.

One of my first attempts to share good news of good practice, was to start a blog, and examples can be found there of some of the things that parishes are doing to help them to evangelise. I joined twitter as a way of quickly reaching others with those ideas and have started a series called Practical Ideas for Missionary Parishes. Most recently, I thought it would be good to interview people in their parishes, so that I can explore in more detail what is working, and perhaps why. Last month I put up my first podcast, which I’ve called the Fieldworker’s Field Trip. I hope that this will be something ongoing, as I discover more of what’s going on in our Archdiocese. The first podcast is about running a Welcome Ministry: I interview a couple from Oxford and ask them to explain how they make it work.

Christ has called us to this work of evangelisation together, not apart, so tell me about what you are also doing in your parishes to serve the Good News and I could well be turning them into a tweet, a post or a podcast in the not too distant future! Please let me know what you think and get involved in the conversation, for the sake of the Kingdom!

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