“Practical Ideas for Missionary Parishes” – #4 Sharing what God has Done

We can go from week to week to mass and never really know the people next to us in the pew. We may have no idea of their experience, their life of faith or their struggles or joys. This is a sad reflection on our parishes, especially when Christ clearly stated that people would know His followers by their love! – indeed how can we love them in the best way if we don’t get to know them?

Your story of faith – sharing what God has done in your life – can be a way to help others to see that God is alive and active in the world and in hearts. I have very often been taken aback by speaking to fellow parishioners for the first time and hearing some miraculous event in their life that God has done or when they share something deeply personal which I suddenly realise I can support them in.

One way that you can get the parish to become more aware of what God is doing is to share those stories – sometimes called ‘personal testimonies’ – with others. One parish I am working in has decided to ask people to write down their faith stories and to publish them in a booklet three or four times a year. Parishioners can remain anonymous or not, but what is important is that the evidence of a living God at work – the Good News! – is actively being shared with those who may most need to hear it.

I have attached a document prepared for this process (it includes more general tips about sharing faith too), based on one from a parish in our diocese. I hope you find it a good way to start sharing your Good News!

Writing about your Faith Journey


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