Missionary Parishes – Podcast Interview with Fr Julian Green

Missionary Parishes – a podcast interview with Fr Julian Green

Paul spoke to Fr Julian Green, parish priest at the partnership parishes of Our Lady of Grace in Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffs (Goldenhill, Kidsgrove, Biddulph & Packmoor).

Both priests and people often wonder how a parish might move from ‘maintenance to mission’ and Paul asks Fr Julian about his experience over the past year or so of building a missionary parish, in order to share something that other parishes can learn and apply in their own places.

Our Lady of Grace can be found via the following web link: Our Lady of Grace I’d like to thank Fr Julian for giving his time to talk to me on the Fieldworker’s Fieldtrip.

  • 0.00 (44.09) Intro
  • 0.58 (43.11) Who is Fr Julian Green?
  • 2.13 (41.56) What is Evangelisation? Who is an evangelist?
  • 5.06 (39.03) Maintenance to mission
  • 8.04 (36.05) Getting the foundations right
  • 10.49 (33.20) Has evangelisation always been your central concern?
  • 14.22 (29.47) Fr Julian’s inspiration
  • 15.49 (28.20) Divine Renovation: what is it?
  • 19.58 (24.11) The Divine Renovation conference
  • 21.13 (22.56) Practical examples of mission in Stoke
  • 25.56 (18.13) The Alpha Course
  • 28.37 (15.32) Involving parishioners
  • 31.21 (12.48) What have you discovered about your parish?
  • 32.48 (11.21) The place of prayer in building missionary disciples
  • 38.15 (5.54) Challenges and opportunities for evangelisation in Stoke
  • 40.52 (3.17) Advice for parish priests
  • 44.09 (0.00) End

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