“Practical Ideas for Missionary Parishes” – #8 Online Welcome Mat

Tamworth Web shot

Fr Michael, at the parish of St John with Sacred Heart, Tamworth have been undergoing a parish renewal which has sought to look again at the welcome the parish lays out, and the ‘doors’ through which people can enter to discover more about the Catholic faith or to meet Jesus for the first time.

One of the things they have done most recently is to reorder the parish website with those principles in mind, and which resembles a church building in a number of ways. First, you receive the welcome, as you would at any church porch or narthax: here you are signposted to the various notices and information you might need to orientate yourself. Second, you are given information about the worship life of the church: this includes information about the Mass and the various ministries of the Church. You can also find out about how to become involved in those ministries as a member of the church.

With more people making ‘first-contact’ with our Catholic faith online, I’d like to recommend a visit to Tamworth’s new website and to think for yourself how your own parish might become an evangelising parish for digital pilgrims as well!




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