“Practical Ideas for Missionary Parishes” – #9 Don’t Inform, Invite!

For this practical idea, I’m featuring a leaflet created by a parishioner on behalf of the parish of St Peter’s, Leamington.

As a church we often mistake informing for inviting; or information for evangelisation. Or to put it another way, are we a church that sends ‘postcards’ or ‘wedding invitations’?

When we receive a postcard from a friend or relative, we instinctively know that the person is not looking for a response, but is just letting you know they are having a good time, perhaps on holiday. However, when we receive a wedding invitation, we don’t just pop it on the mantelpiece and say ‘that’s nice’! We understand that it is something that we must reply to, and promptly. Evangelisation is similar to sending a wedding invitation, rather than a holiday postcard.

Indeed, the Good News is an invitation to meet, and respond to, Jesus Christ and experience His great love for us. Below is an example of how our churches can extend an invitation to meet Christ to those in our locality through offering a simple leaflet or by posting it though a neighbour’s door.

Can your church be one that invites rather than simply informs? Let me know your good ideas and I will feature them here. In the meantime, Leamington parish would be happy to help you think about how you evangelise or to produce a similar leaflet for your church. Please see their web-page and get in touch:





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